Exploring the Book's Contents

You could write a thesis about some aspect of Jane Eyre. Countless graduate students have.

You could make a fascinating movie based on the Jane Eyre story. Many writers and directors have tried, with varying degrees of success (see my Jane Eyre movie reviews).

You could spend a lifetime wandering through the pages of Jane Eyre and finding new pleasures there. Thanks, don't mind if I do.

I'm not a graduate student, or a movie director, or even a literary critic ... just a fan of Charlotte Brontë's indescribably rich book. In this section of my website, I'll be offering my thoughts — with luck, some may deserve to be called "insights" — about my favorite piece of literature. Use the links below to explore what I have to say on various facets of the book. Thanks for stopping by!

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Beauty in Jane Eyre

Meet Edward Rochester

Religion in Jane Eyre

Poetry in Jane Eyre?

Shortcomings in Jane Eyre